Gettin’ Analytical with A-Train

Digital Marketing: Analytics

Are you drowning in a sea of data? Your website, social media, and online advertising are all great digital marketing tools, and they give you tons of data. Chances are though, you’re not looking at it month to month. We’re here to tell you – all that data can help you build and improve your business, and you should try to keep an eye on it.

We hear ya – analytics tools can be confusing and hard to navigate. But that’s really nothing to be afraid of! Check it out: Continue reading

What’s Your Pantone Color?


Spring is more than the changing of seasons. It’s a sign of new life – trees and flowers are blooming, baby animals are born and take their first steps, and thankfully, the sunshine and warmer temperatures reappear. It’s like a breath of fresh air after being cold and smothered in layers all winter.

For us as a marketing and advertising company, spring also means fun Pantone colors to use in our marketing efforts for clients. Each year, Pantone chooses a color to be a snapshot of the latest trends we see in our culture. This color sets the mood and attitude for how the year will flow in the design and fashion world. This particular year, the color choice is spring itself. We have been reminded of the Pantone colors of the year as spring comes alive.  Continue reading

Drinking and Dining Your Way Through FoCoMX

WP_20160418_10_23_42_RichThis article originally appeared in the April issue of Scene Magazine.

As a music festival maven, you know the drill: see as much great live music as possible in two days. With more than 200 bands to choose from and 20 venues, you are going to cover a lot of ground. So, taking time from your extremely packed schedule to figure out how to stave off thirst and hunger will only get in the way of your festival-going plans. One of the great things about FoCoMX is having the chance to check out many of our City’s “nontraditional” venues, which normally operate as restaurants and bars instead of live music meccas. To give you a leg up, I have assembled a set of drinking and dining recommendations to consider before, during, and after the shows you want to see. Every venue has something great to offer, so if I missed one of your personal favorites, please don’t be offended. This is just a handful of suggestions, and we would love to hear your top picks as well. Continue reading