Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing?

Using your marketing agency for their ability to generate ideas

When you think about what a marketing agency can do for you, a few things may come to mind: graphic design, advertising, messaging, strategy, project management, etc. But are you really harnessing your relationship to ensure that you get as much out of it as possible?

Any agency is capable of executing tasks, but the most powerful services come from some of the intangibles that make marketing work: expert storytelling and honing in on the big ideas that will set you apart from the rest.

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Size Matters: How Bigger Smartphones Change Everything, Including Google


On April 21st, Google will update the algorithm used by the search engine to determine rankings and add another metric: mobile-friendliness.

You might stumble upon non mobile-friendly sites once in a while – it just looks like a version of the one you visit on your computer. But the links that were so accessible for your mouse are suddenly too small for your fingers on your phone, and you have to zoom in and out, scroll side to side, and tapping only causes you to click on the wrong link, leading to epic frustration.

Google knows this, and in the quest to provide the ultimate user experience, they are going to begin penalizing anyone with a site that is not responsive. This means that if you visit your company’s website on a phone and it looks just like a miniature version of your site, you might have a problem.

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