Behold: The Masterpiece

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Happy Valentines Day from A-Train!


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Art appreciation, A-Train style.

Where is the love? Right here.

A-Train’s Valentine

The Story About Our Love Letter to Our Clients

Christmas cards are old hat. You can find, buy, or design some embossed, non-offensive, non-denominational holiday card in November and address it to your vast past and present client list, along with your accountant, your lawyer, and the owners of the bars you frequent most. You sign it, it sits respectfully on a shelf until January 2, then it gets pitched.

But at A-Train Marketing, we want something different. We want to create something that people would leave on their desks and share with their friends. Something that truly demonstrated the love we have for our clients, and the love we have for the work we do.

a-train marketing fort collins
Enter in our annual Valentine, a company tradition for the past 7 years. Last year, we celebrated the most ‘hip-pening’ aspects of our hometown, Fort Collins, CO. We poked fun at knitted chicken sweaters, foodies, zombies, all things paleo, and Fort Collins’ obsession with being the most friendly bike community in the NATION. The gentle, self-deprecating sense of humor shared our company culture and made our clients laugh (we hope). Local clients nodded, agreeing whole-heartedly with our over-the-top assertions that Wranglers were the original skinny jeans and that you should really ask if any meal can be served juiced. Out of state clients that found their impressions of Fort Collins were completely accurate; we really are just a bunch of beer-drinking, bike-riding hipsters.

Now, it’s that time of year again – we’ve slaved late into the night on the design, wracked our brains for some of the funniest nonsense we can come up with, and bared our souls for a tongue in cheek photo shoot. Stay tuned!

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