Facebook Pages Photo Size Guide

Your Facebook page has a new face.

Here’s the updated Facebook photos size guide and our roundup of favorite features.

Facebook started rolling out “a streamlined look for pages” back in March of 2014. Aside from taking a little getting used to, the updated page is already making it easier for us to quickly access our admin tools. We also appreciate that Facebook’s new layout acknowledges that photos and videos make up a major part of the site’s appeal and success by featuring them more prominently.

Optimizing Photos for Updated Pages:

Facebook has never made controlling your visual identity as easy as it could be. Picking and aligning photos has always taken some trial and error. If you were just getting used to how each type of image was presented differently on a page, profile or timeline, we feel your pain.

The good news is that the new page layout will be familiar to you, since it now shares the two column look of personal profiles. The top navigation, cover and profile photos have changed slightly, but remain atop all pages. Now, all of the page’s posts appear in the right column and the left column centralizes important information about your brand.

Cover Photo

The page name, category and a few buttons have moved onto the cover photo’s turf. In order to insure readability, Facebook has applied a dark gradient over the bottom of all cover photos. While this doesn’t please most of the graphic designers and social media managers we know, we like seeing more of our page appear before the fold.


Profile Photo

Note in the example above, that the profile photo is displayed at 160px by 160px. Despite this, you must upload an image at least 180px by 180px. We recommend uploading larger images to accomodate higher resolution displays. You can upload a non-square image and then crop the image with their photo editor.

facebook-page-marketing-design-profileKeep in mind that there is a white border added around the profile photo. You won’t be able to get rid of that.


Timeline vs. Newsfeed Image Sizes

When posting images, keep in mind that the same image will be cropped to fit in different settings around the site. On your page’s timeline, square images will display best (504px by 504px), but they will also be cropped to a horizontal shape (472px by 394px) in your friends’ newsfeeds. A person will have to click on the image and leave their newsfeed to see the entire thing in a full screen setting. At this size, the image can be cropped oddly, leaving out important or contextual details, or cutting out someone’s middle and leaving their head out of the photo, so take a careful look at the preview and adjust as needed.


facebook newsfeed photo dimensions             facebook photo dimensions



A small change that foreshadows some major change, Facebook recently incorporated an autoplay feature for Instagram, Vine, and Facebook videos in your newsfeed. We noticed that scrolling down over the video starts it automatically, and then scrolling past it pauses it.  After fielding some complaints, Facebook introduced a feature that allows you to turn off the autoplay, but this feature smacks of something larger in Facebook’s future.facebook video dimensionsFacebook already reaches audiences larger than the biggest broadcast networks during primetime. With a captive audience in front of their friend’s newsfeeds and with opportunities for sponsored content dropped directly into autoplay windows, Facbook has an opportunity for massive amounts of video advertising. And with the gradual introduction of a mobile-based carousel that continuously suggests related videos, much like YouTube, the new video interface could encourage much longer watch times and more passive video watching.

Shared Links

Again, this is an instance in which images show up differently in newsfeed versus your timeline. In the newsfeed, your shared links will show up slightly smaller, at 472 x  246. The larger photos mean that mobile users are subjected to a more predominantly visual layout, which gives more preference to user-generated content like photos and videos. This also means for marketers that your meta descriptions need to be clean, because they are what appear in the blurb underneath the featured photo. And for those that haven’t gotten into the swing yet, it also means that no content is complete without an eye-catching visual.

Event Photos

Finally, for events, there is a slightly new look that deviates from the randomly suitable thumbnail that some of us tend to upload. The entire image is 784 by 295, taking up the upper part of the event page above the fold for a large visual representation of whatever will be happening. Keep in mind that the event title is superimposed over the lower part of the cover photo in white text, so avoid competing copy or light colored images. If there is a face in the cover photo, the thumbnail view will

facebook event photo dimensions

focus on the face present and adjust the events list thumbnail and advertisement view accordingly.


The new Facebook shows a marked dedication to expanding visual content offerings and making them more appealing for users. The larger photo dimensions in the newsfeeds and timelines are good news for marketers – a sponsored post with a large, engaging visual will blend better into the newsfeed and have a chance of greater engagement. It also means that video content has a real place to grow on the social networking platform – dare we say it could be competitive with YouTube?


Top 6 Fort Collins Patios for Summer

Top 6 Fort Collins Patios to Spend Your Summer On

What’s 10 hours long, about 80 degrees, and oft accompanied by craft beer?  A summer day in Fort Collins.  There are 7 of them in a week, but we all need a day of rest.  So we here at A-Train Marketing have taken the liberty of listing our top six patios for summer in downtown Fort Collins, explaining why they’re so special, and a brief analysis of WHY, in marketing terms, they’re so good.

lyric cinema cafe patio fort collins

Monday, Number 6 – The Lyric Cinema Café

This quiet corner patio can make the whole family happy.  From 10am to noon, there are free cartoons in the theatre, accompanied by a $5 all-you-can-eat breakfast cereal buffet. For adults there after the cartoons are over, you can enjoy a local draft beer (the taps rotate, but New Belgium, Odell, and Equinox brews always feature heavily) and something from the locally-sourced menu.  Our recommendation is the local cheese plate for $12, or the Caprese bagel sandwich with sun-dried tomato cream cheese with the Flagstone from Horse and Dragon Brewing.

Why are they so good? The Lyric has made a point of distinguishing itself from large multiplexes. By positioning themselves as locally-sourced and focused, featuring local beer and foods, their unique selling point is the combination of food, beer, and entertainment they provide.  The Lyric is one place in town where it’s relatively easy to satisfy the film snob, drinker, little kid, and locavore in all of us.


Tuesday, Number 5 – Coopersmiths

Take your pick – Pub Side or Pool Side, Coopersmiths boasts the most patio real estate in Old Town. Depending on the hour and your mood, you can stick to pub side for a true sit-down pub atmosphere with tried and true food, or you can spring for a pizza and a game of pool across the way.  Either way, it’s hard to go wrong when there are upwards of 15 beers on tap.  We highly recommend the What-A-Melon ale, which provides a crisp, summer refresher on even the doggiest of dog days.

Coopersmiths does something remarkable that most breweries find challenging – they deliver consistent and quality product. Their Punjabi Pale Ale has an almost cult-like following, and they appeal to the tourist crowds by promising an authentic Colorado experience that keeps their local customers coming back.


Wednesday, Number 4 – Odell Brewing Company’s Patio

In terms of sheer square feet, Odell’s is hard to beat.  It makes it into our top five because of the quality of beer and their enormous fire pit that takes the bite off a cool summer evening breeze.  Right now Odell’s has twelve pilot beers on tap, including something called a Dr. Acula, and all the proceeds from their tasting trays go to the Charity of the Month.  You can find the Odell’s patio food truck schedule online – on Wednesdays you can catch Jax Fish House’s Pearl food cart. Hours on Wednesday are 11am to 6pm.

And why is Odell’s successful? They use their taproom’s greatest asset as a billboard – drive down Lincoln Avenue at any point during business hours and you’ll see social crowds drinking against the patio’s beautiful sandstone backdrop. If that’s not enough, you can smell the hot dogs and see the firepit roaring invitingly on a cool evening.


 odell brewing co patio Fort Collins Colorado

Thursday, Number 3 – Avogadro’s Number

To truly appreciate Fort Collins and its vibrant live music scene, one must sit on the Avogadro’s back patio and relish the lively conversation and livelier musical entertainment. During select Thursdays this summer, you can enjoy Dead Jam, a celebration of the Grateful Dead and other jam bands where anyone can participate in occasional sets with the Dead Jam House Band. If you left your guitar at home, you can kick back and enjoy their rotating selection of craft brews and big beers, along with some of the best fried munchies in Fort Collins.  Seriously – get the nachos. Or the fries. Or the wings.  It’s hard to go wrong.

Avo’s offers a little something for everyone with ears – on select nights you can enjoy jazz bands, hard rock, hip-hop acts, and soulful blue grass, all in the same amazing venue. The appeal of Avogadro’s Number lies in its attitude – come in, relax, and we’ll make sure you have a good time.


Friday, Number 2 – Gravity 1020 at Fort Collins Brewery

For the Fort Collins foodie in all of us that likes a good brew, there is Gravity 1020 at Fort Collins Brewery. The restaurant allows you to truly indulge with bacon-wrapped pretzels and salted caramel brownies made in house by their dedicated pastry chef, all while sipping something that came out of the massive steel fermenters that act as a backdrop for the restaurant. The jewel in the crown at Fort Collins Brewery is their 7 bbl pilot system, which in the past year has produced the Wallace Wee Heavy, a Scottish-style ale that just won a bronze medal at the US Open Beer Championship.  At 9.8%, this wee heavy promises to get you a wee tipsy, so make sure you take it slow in the sunshine.

Fort Collins Brewery is a relatively small outfit that distributes nationwide (and to Sweden). The brewery has gained a solid foothold in the craft brewing market thanks to their pilot system that produces the Malt Monster series and the Out of the Ashes limited releases. While their full time brews bring in new loyal customers, it’s the handcrafted beers and artisan eats that keep people coming back.


Saturday, Number 1 – Tony’s Bar and Rooftop

Few patios can compete with the laid-back, lazy summer atmosphere at Tony’s Rooftop. On a Saturday afternoon, there are few pleasures in life that can compete with a cold Snapshot and warm crunchy fried pickles. And now thanks to a new city ordinance taking effect, everyone can enjoy the patio smoke free.tonys-bar-rooftop-fort-collins-patio

But why do we love Tony’s? Why are they number one on our list? Because their rooftop is like taking a little vacation with good service and an even better kitchen. Tony’s represents what most of us in the service (or really any industry) should be doing – adjusting for the target clientele and making everyone feel welcome.