A-Train’s Design Studio Construction Underway

This morning our team carved time out of our staff meeting to make the windy walk down the block to check in on our design studio construction!



The renovation isn’t the only thing on our minds. Check out a few shots of the killer views below.



“Walk through the walls now. It’s your only chance.”



Fearless leader directs staff to look West.



Staff looks West. Check back for better photos after the move.



Fearless leader directs staff to look East.



Staff looks East.



Thanks for joining us on our walking tour. The walls are all framed and soon will be built and painted. There is a lot of work left to install the doors, ceilings, floor, lighting, reception, kitchen and furniture. Check back to see our progress.
A-Train Construction Fort Collins Colorado

The Ironic T-Shirts of Fortlandia

This year’s A-Train valentine was all about how far we’ve come and the special place we’ve watched grow alongside us—Fortlandia! If you haven’t seen the valentine yet, check it out at fortlandia.co.


To date, the number one question has been, “Where did you find all of those ironic teeshirts?” The answer, of course, is that we made them. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a roundup of all eight of A-Train’s Fortlandia T-Shirts.


bands-tee-mockup brains-tee-mockup designer-tee-mockup hate-tee-mockup horse-tee-mockup ironic-tee-mockup paleo-tee-mockup sweater-tee-mockup

Help Us Make The Fortathlon A Reality

Calling all Fort Collins locals!

In our 2014 Valentine’s Day magazine, Fortlandia, we introduced readers to a heretofore unrealized non-competitive community “sporting” event dubbed “Fortathlon.” We mused about creating an -athlon from Fort Collins’ array of year-round competitive options—and we wondered what kind of events other able-bodied locals might bring to the table.

If you’re interested in creating an event (see examples below), or joining us later this year to brainstorm over a craft brew in a local tap room, just leave us a comment below.

To see select outtakes from this year’s Valentine’s Day magazine, head to http://facebook.com/atrainmarketing.

Fortathlon-propsThe Big List of Fortathlon Events

1. Skin up and Telemark down Cameron Pass’ Diamond Peaks
a. Includes an avalanche beacon/probe/shovel test
b. None of that randonée horseshit!

2. Mustache waxing contest (men) / “selfie that no one knows is a selfie” photo contest (women)

3. Poudre canyon kayaking

4. Unicycle Racing

5. Poudre canyon fly fishing

6. Bow tie tying contest (men) / scarf contest (women)

7. Horsetooth Reservoir paddleboarding

8. Ironic t-shirt contest

9. CrossFit “Filthy Fifty” WOD – for time:
a. 50 box jumps (Rx=24”)
b. 50 jumping pull-ups
c. 50 kettle bell swings (Rx=35lbs)
d. 50 walking lunges
e. 50 knees to elbows
f. 50 push press (Rx=45 lbs)
g. 50 back extensions
h. 50 wall balls (Rx=20 lbs)
i. 50 burpees
j. 50 double unders

10. Music collection brag-a-thon

* Between each round, contestants must roll and smoke a cigarette, and drink a local beer with a minimum original gravity of 1.0 and ABV of 6.5%.