Snowing on our home in Fort Collins

27 January 2014

KeyBank Tower, the future home of A-Train Marketing in Fort Collins

Good morning, Fort Collins. You’re looking good out there covered in a blanket of falling snow. Fortunately, we are safe and warm, marketing in Fort Collins’ First National Bank Tower (our home away from home for just a few more months). The Coloradoan wrote about our move to the Key Bank Tower (pictured). Our new space will give us more breathing room as our team continues to grow. Below is a photo of the final floorplan and some of the finishes for the new space.

We look forward to seeing work begin on the renovation and keeping you updated as we get ready to move.

A-Train Marketing Floorplan and Renovation Finishes for their Fort Collins Offices

Strategic Marketing Planning

Technology is accelerating, brand loyalty is eroding, connections between people are increasing and more power is shifting to the hands of consumers. As we face the challenges of the year ahead, Strategic Marketing Planning and Communications Planning have never been more business-critical.

If your team has already worked out your strategic marketing plan, we congratulate you. If not, there’ still time to do something about it.


10 Reasons To Make

A Strategic Marketing Plan

  1. The process of planning includes a rigorous review of the elements that affect the success of your goals. Are your goals still aligned and relevant? Are your actions driving you towards your goals?
  2. Having a plan alleviates the pains of decision-making. Your goals are clearly identified and options are judged on how well they advance your plan, not on convenience or arbitrary factors.
  3. Planning reveals the optimum and sustainable use of the resources at your disposal.
  4. Planning establishes goals and objectives that are within reach, along with accountability for their success.
  5. The thought put into planning feeds innovation informed by your customers’ needs.
  6. A plan streamlines marketing efforts by identifying the most appropriate channels for effective digital, publicity, outreach, and media spending.
  7. Likewise, a plan streamlines marketing budgets to allow for emerging or unseen opportunities.
  8. When your marketing agency facilitates planning, all minds share your goals and objectives and all hands work for the same results.
  9. Disseminating a plan empowers those executing it to check their own results and apply their strengths to avoid repeating mistakes.
  10. Planning reveals precisely where improvement is needed, and shapes adjustments for impact.

When A-Train leads our clients through marketing planning, we suggest focusing more on the process than the end product – it’s the act of going through the planning steps, considering the important questions, and aligning your marketing actions with your most updated business goals and market insights that will allow you and us to ensure we are making the best marketing investments and delivering the right messages to the right audiences. We can help facilitate this process, lead these important discussions, help turn facts into insights, and implement streamlined, budgeted, and bold marketing communications that get noticed.

If you’re in need of strategic marketing help, A-Train is here for you. Tell us a little about yourself in the form below and we will get in touch.