A-Train Marketing Growth Continues with Addition of Daniel Calder

A new member has joined the A-Train Marketing Communications team. Daniel Calder fills the position of Account Coordinator for A-Train Marketing. Calder will support accounts for CEO Ryan Keiffer and President, Gretchen Gaede, acting as a main point of contact and leading in project management. In addition to supporting client relationship management, Calder will lead A-Train’s digital advertising efforts.

Calder comes to A-Train from Touchstone Health Partners where he served as a marketing assistant for Larimer County’s largest mental health service provider. At Touchstone, Calder developed skills in fundraising, event planning, website management, and business development. Although his background is primarily non-profit marketing, Daniel has a drive to expand A-Train’s exceptional service to new markets.

“I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to join A-Train’s team and really make a difference for our clients and community,” Calder stated.

“Dan’s remarkable drive is already benefitting every facet of our business,” explains Gaede. “His love for non-profit and entrepreneurial projects has equipped him handsomely to thrive in a fast-paced agency environment where creativity and strategy count for everything.”


About A-Train Marketing: A-Train Marketing Communications, Inc. is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in graphic design; strategic planning; message definition; print and web communications; public relations; identity, positions and branding; and non-profit marketing. For more information on A-Train Marketing, please contact Emily Martin at 970-419-3218.

Creating a Bulletproof Brand

As marketing strategies are shifting from more traditional models to that of the modern world, you want your business to withstand the test of time and be resilient to change. Creating a successful, charismatic brand that resonates with your audience and provides a solid, reliable product is the foundation for marketing (and business) success. When a consumer thinks of your company you want them to remember who you are and what it is that you stand for, regardless of the changing conditions of the external world. Many companies have achieved this goal, but what better example is there of a bulletproof brand than that of Disney?


The Disney brand has continued to be solid and lasting through the years in part due to their marketing approach and the solid brand that they have created. It all started with an animated reality built on one character, Mickey Mouse. Sure, there were many cartoons and characters that lit the silver screen, but few got the opportunity to come to life in the physical world like Mickey did at Disneyland. The theme park changed the way we think about family entertainment and what it really means for a brand to interact with its customer and create a truly intoxicating experience. In a recent visit to Disneyland, I was in awe of the branding engine that is Disney. From the bathroom fixtures to the tops of streetlamps, everything wore mouse ears and for the few hours I was in Disneyland no other place (or brand) existed.


So what it is that has made the Disney brand such a huge success worldwide:



You may not have kids. You may have never visited Disneyland, but I bet you have an idea of what it looks like and what type of experience you will have when you get there. Disney has been successful in touching lives generation upon generation because they have created memorable, consistent characters and experiences that adventurers can rely on time after time. Beyond just their products, the values of Disneyland can be found around every corner; there is no guessing what Disney stands for. In your business it is important to guarantee that your product will be consistent and have a memorable impact on your consumers so that they will be drawn to return time and again amidst growing competition.



Long after the creation of Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck, we have met Ariel, Aladdin, Nemo and now Frankenweenie. The creative minds at Disney never stop taking risks, reinventing the Disney brand, thinking of new ways to merchandise everything possible, and utilizing the newest technologies to stay on top of their game. Successful branding, while consistent, means to never stop creating, expanding, improving and updating as time goes on. If you don’t continue to build and grow, your competitors will likely surpass you.


Details Matter

I am really impressed when companies take small details so seriously. Disney takes the idea of building your brand into every single touch-point to a whole new level. Whether watching a film or boating down the river of “It’s a Small World,” every detail has been considered and the foundation of the brand is always alive. When at Disneyland, I was blown away by some of the new ways that Disney is bringing the experience of their brand to the consumer. You can buy Disney apparel to fit every style imaginable, Disney-themed food, collectible beverage containers, and even a set of mouse ears that interact with the evening music performance to make you a part of the show itself. Remember that when building your bulletproof brand, the little details make all the difference. What can you do to create an awe-struck experience around your brand?


While Disney has had years of practice to achieve their bulletproof brand, it has proven that regardless of what happens in the outside world, stability, reliability, and staying true to your values makes a big difference. With a focus on consistent, memorable messaging, creativity and innovation, and paying attention to the little details, your company’s brand can stand the test of time!