Standing Out in a Media Flooded Market

It’s 11 p.m. and after 40 minutes on YouTube you promise yourself that this video is the last funny cat video you plan to watch. The next time you look up at the clock, three hours have gone by and the video playing is drunken squirrel . If only grabbing and holding your audience’s attention was this easy.

As the Internet has grown to become home to millions of cat videos; hundreds of stupid human tricks; and dozens of covers of the “Call Me Maybe” online video, connecting and engaging consumers is more challenging than ever. Over 800 million unique users are watching over 3 billion hours of video per month on YouTube, reaching 86% of the United States Internet audience. While most YouTube Videos, and particularly those with over a million hits, are created in an accidental manner, using video to intentionally engage, educate and connect with your audience is possible, and more affordable than you might think.


Consumers are watching TV, shopping online, reading the news and playing mobile games all at the same time. Seventy-five percent of customers are watching TV and using the Internet simultaneously. With all of these distractions, video advertising can be an effective and engaging tool for catching customers’ attention, both intentionally and subconsciously.


Online video builds a personal connection between an organization and their audience, integrating sound and visual cues to grab their attention. Consumers want information quickly and simply, and often reading text on the page will lose their attention before you have had a chance to leave an impression. Video can build brand awareness potential customers on how a product or service works.


Those exposed to online display advertising are more likely to visit your website (46%), make an online purchase (27%), and come into a retail location to make a purchase (17%), than those who are not. Even those who are not actively clicking on an ad are exposed to your brand and left with a lasting impression. Nearly 80% of those who view a video ad and DO NOT click take action later, often visiting the website mentioned or recognizing the brand name at a different time.


Breaking through the content bombardment the Internet provides is a challenge you do not need to face alone. Engaging and cost effective video production that will revitalize your marketing plan is our video team’s specialty.  Using cutting-edge 3D technology, motion graphics and high-definition videos, our team of specialists creates videos that will engage and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Visit our Vimeo Channel  to watch videos from our production team.