Advertising 101: Gaining the Media Buying Ad-Vantage

Why work with an agency for your media buys?


1- Agencies can negotiate your rates for you.

When the phone rings and it’s someone trying to sell you advertising, it might not be the opportunity that makes the most sense for your business, and you’re probably not going to get a good deal. Just like real estate, ad rates are almost always negotiable. Also like real estate, the average person shouldn’t attempt to buy advertising without representation by a pro. A-Train offers dedicated media buying services and can often help secure lower ad rates and better placement than you could on your own.


2 – Building the ad mix that’s right for your business.

Your first instinct might be to hedge your bets with an advertising campaign that hits all media types–radio, online, TV, newspapers, etc. But how do you know you’re advertising in the right places? Known in the industry as ‘spray and pray,’ advertising in the wrong places is a waste of money because the people who see your ad likely have little need, interest or ability to buy the product or service you’re selling.


3 – Success is measured by reach and frequency

Before you buy ads, you need to know how much it will cost in advertising dollars to influence each potential customer. This is called Cost Per Point. Back in the days of ‘Mad Men’, 3 ad impressions per week was sufficient. Since people today are inundated with advertising messages everywhere they go, 20 ad impressions a week is now the benchmark. A-Train employs a strategic market approach that ensures your choice of advertising venues has both the reach (targeted marketing venues) and frequency (number of times each ad is seen) to be successful.


If you want to find out whether you’re current advertising strategy is optimal for your business, or to explore opportunities for possible ad rate discounts, please contract the media buying experts at A-Train Marketing Communications, Inc.