Inspiration comes in all forms

Overflowing with craft projects, inspirational words and drool-worthy recipes, Pinterest taken the virtual world by storm, rising to the top ten social sites used in the country during the month of December. A digital bulletin board, the site functions as a place for housing images of favorite ideas, with virtual links back to the original site those items appeared on, fostering a new community of collaborators and collectors with inspiration coming in all different forms.


Once you’ve fallen down the digital rabbit hole, you’ll find that the minutes you spend on the site will quickly grow into hours and the 5 boards you started to test it out have grown into 20. It’s hard not to love the visual simplicity and ease of use and with 83% of learning coming from visual cues, it’s no wonder why the avid following of Pinners logging in each day continues to grow.


In less than two years, the invite-only community has grown to over 5 million users (November 2011) and traffic doubling in the last six months alone. Just last week, Pinterest was ranked as the 4th largest referral driving site, above both Linkedin and Google Plus.

How can you capture this rapidly growing audience?


Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

As with all social networks, be authentic. The largest group of users on Pinterest is women between the ages of 25-44, using the site to record home décor ideas, crafting projects, fashion tips and recipes. If your business or organization caters to this type of content or audience, than venturing into the pin board community shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.


Local bridal boutique, Dora Grace ( began using Pinterest last fall, building boards themed around types of weddings and wedding inspiration. Since launching they have gained 76 followers, all interested in viewing the ideas and images that are being shared.


On a national level, Whole Foods ( set the bar for customer engagement on Pinterest. With over 10 thousand followers Whole Foods feeds content from throughout their website ( leading users back to their recipe pages and ultimately through their doors.


While not directly inviting brands to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, the subliminal power of this new website can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and brand recognition. Tagged images spread very quickly, with many of the more popular images turning up on dozens of boards from the moment they are saved to the site.


Establishing a brand-powered Pinterest account provides the opportunity for customers to gather ideas, see your products in action and link back to your website, ultimately building SEO. Items listed for sale can be tagged with a $, providing a ‘for sale’ graphic that is overlaid on each and every depiction of that image throughout the site.


Request an invite ( and to get started using this fun and fast moving (and addicting) social site today.  For ideas on how you can use your new account to promote your brand, drop us a line ([email protected]) or browse through our boards!