Find Your Marketing Personality

Try and find your marketing personality!

When I attend a networking event, I:

A)     Happily interrupt anyone in conversation to make sure they get one of my business cards.

B)      Stand by the cheese and crackers and pretend to talk on my cell phone.

C)    Find people I already know, because after all, I don’t really need to network.

D)    I grab a drink, find a new face and eagerly start a conversation.


Of the following marketing activities, I spend the most time:


A)     Chatting it up with anyone who walks through my door.

B)      Coming up with witty posts for my Facebook page.

C)    Licking stamps and healing from all the paper cuts I have from sending mail to all my favorite people.

D)    Checking in and answering questions from everyone I know online. I love being a ‘social media’ butterfly.


When I have news to share I:

A)     Pull out the easel and put up a huge sign for everyone to see.

B)      Use my iPhone to send an update to all my Tweeps.

C)    Draft a message announcing the news and ask MyEmma to Constantly Contact every email in my address book.

D)    Share my excitement on my blog or website, posting updates to Facebook and Twitter so everyone knows to check out the big announcement.


I prefer to:


A)     Make as many new friends as possible, learning about their families, their pets and their favorite type of cocktail.

B)      Be spontaneous, deciding what direction Im headed in after I’ve arrived.

C)    Multitask, the more things going on as once, the happier I am.

D)    Play chess, each move I make is carefully thought out and crafted.


I would describe my style as:


A)     In your face.

B)      Faster than a shooting bullet.

C)    More organized than a card catalogue.

D)    Cool, calm and collected.


If you chose mostly A’s – Interpersonal Maven

Your skills are strongest when you are face-to-face. You consider yourself to be an introvert and love making friends, building new connections and adding names to your rolodex. You may be missing an opportunity to continue to remind your network that you are around, outside of one-on-one connections. Consider adding a newsletter or social media outreach to your ongoing communications efforts.


If you chose mostly B’s – Digital Darling

You are clever, witty and know the difference between a RT and a ROFL. You are comfortable writing interesting bits of information that are easily digested by those who connect to you. Remember to continue paying attention to those who may not be following you online. They might not share you media savvy or may not have found you yet. Include a link to your social media accounts on your business card.


If you chose mostly C’s – Completely Crafty

You know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You have found a balance between posting all of your news and notes online and working one-on-one with those you know personally. You may find managing personal connections and online content overwhelming but you truck through each day doing the best you can.


If you chose mostly D’s – Fair & Balanced

You are comfortable bouncing between personal conversations and sharing information digitally. Everyone knows who you are and what you stand for. You may be interested in branching out to reach more individuals by mail, newsletter or social media and may not be sure how to get started.