Event Venue Selection

It’s tricky today to throw an amazing event. Invite lists, save the date cards, party favors, PowerPoint presentations, food, wine and flowers are just a few examples of the myriad of details included in a successful event plan. Arguably, the most important detail to be considered FIRST is location, location, location. The event venue sets the tone and sends a message. From small seminars to over the top galas, your selected venue gives your invited guests – and even the community at large – their first impression about what your business or organization is about and what to expect at your event. Upon their arrival, the venue can make or break an event for your guests and can have either positive or negative effects depending on many different factors.


Fiscal concerns are not new but are certainly foremost in the minds of event planners due to the current economic climate. However, choosing a venue based on price alone can be a costly mistake. Here are some things to keep in mind and some questions to consider when selecting your next event venue.


  • What’s the ultimate purpose of your event? Make sure your chosen venue supports the mission of the occasion. For example, renting an older, “worn in” space for an event about your organization’s cutting edge programs and services will undermine the message you’re trying to deliver. You can get creative and find a venue where the atmosphere matches the message, without blowing your budget.
  • Are you thinking outside of the box? Event rentals may not be a large part of your budget, but if you’re hosting a fundraiser for animal welfare, transforming a local barn (which could be far less expensive to rent) into a flora and fauna fantasy would be well worth the dollars spent if it inspires and amazes your guests. Being memorable and original also encourages “repeat attenders.”
  • Don’t get stuck in a rut. After hosting a successful event at a particular venue, it’s easy to stick with the same place year after year because it’s familiar. But getting too comfortable can be a detriment if your guest list has grown or if your theme has changed – or if you just need a refresh. A different venue can breathe new life into an annual event and can also help to re-engage former guests by changing up the event surroundings.


Ultimately, it’s important to take the time to explore your options. New event venues are opening up every day (see Bonnell Building in Loveland), many others are remodeling both their buildings and prices (see Lincoln Center, Midtown Arts Center) and if your event is for charity you’d be amazed at the support you’ll find from the most unexpected places – so don’t be shy about asking about non-profit discounts or asking around for a family farm with a barn that’s just been waiting for a night to shine.


Here at A-Train, we’ve planned and executed a plethora of successful events and pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest venue options. Plus, we don’t just think outside the box, we transform the box. Give us a call and we’ll help you to not only select the perfect location, but also ensure the event plan produces the right results.