Standing Out to Your Customers in the Midst of Technology

With the world digitized nearly to death, the beauty and effectiveness of the handwritten thank you note goes a long way. Think about the mail you receive at your office and home each day; how much of it is handwritten and sincerely addressed to you, describing a specific occurrence or sentiment of gratitude? It’s rare in today’s business climate to receive such greetings and this is why it’s one of our favorite methods to recommend to our clients in terms of enhancing their relationships and going the extra mile to show their supporters their sincere appreciation.

It’s inexpensive to send thank you notes and each one takes just a few moments to compose. When you do them, think about the person you are sending the note to, what exact points you want to focus on, and then sincerely tell them thank you for what they have done or given. Addressing the note to the person individually in lieu of “Dear Staff” or “Dear Managers” makes the note sincere and respectful–and also memorable. Trust us on this one: most people will display your note and even keep it for an extended period of time. Why? Because it’s rare, special, and nearly an extinct form of communication amongst the tweets, posts, and inbox flurries we are all accustomed to today.

Also, you don’t have to wait to send a note until you have someone to thank; send a note “just because.” Tell your customers you are thinking of them, you appreciate them, and you’d love to hear from them soon. This high-touch approach humanizes your business (and you) and builds trust and warmth with those you serve, instead of using just technology.

Marketing From the Inside Out

When companies and agencies think of marketing and PR, it’s usually an “outward” process where they begin brainstorming how they can promote themselves outside of their four walls. But what happens internally is truly the foundation of good marketing. When a team is built up, encouraged, and taught HOW to market the organization, that is when you develop a powerful marketing machine–a viral, evolving, dynamic force–that will take your message to the streets. Not only is this organic type of marketing fantastically effective, it’s authentic. The people your employees engage with are their friends, colleagues, family members and therefore the trust level is already built–the message becomes engaging, truthful, and real, simply because it’s being delivered by a familiar source.

Think about the marketing that you respond to best. Typically, people like marketing that speaks to them or possibly even has some link to them personally like a friend who works for the organization or someone in their life who supports the mission of an initiative. Teaching your employees about products and services is essential, but so is training them to message correctly on your behalf. Tell your staff what to say–and not say–in order to represent you best and offer the “soft sell” that is centered on relationship building rather than numbers and dollars. Promoting an organization simply on sheer excitement and knowledge goes a long way in bringing people to your door; spend the time to teach your employees why good messaging is important and what’s in it for them. If your business grows, they benefit, whether it’s through good will, recognition, monetary rewards, perks, etc.

Build from the core and then go outside the confines of the organization to market to the public. Having the nucleus of marketing living internally within your business ensures that a concise, consistent, and effective message will be presented across the board, without confusion on who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Your employees become strong advocates and messengers for you; make sure that they are equipped with all the tools and information necessary to bring your business to the forefront in the stylistic manner you desire.