Looking Back to Move Forward

December is upon us. Now is the time of end-of-the-year listings. What were the best albums of the year? What were the top news stories? It’s natural for us at the conclusion of a milestone to assess how we got there. This activity informs how we will progress to through the next stage.


Likewise, organizations should take pause at the end of 2010 to look back on their marketing. Perhaps you already try to do this but find it difficult to assess success and failure. Or perhaps you desire to do it but don’t know where to start. We want to help.


First, make a list of your marketing efforts: social media, advertising, PR, events and seminars, collateral, etc. Be specific by listing projects not categories, as in not “advertising” but “that TV ad with the child and the frog.”


Ok, now we offer four tips to determine how well these efforts have worked for you:


Did the marketing get noticed?

Bring your staff in on this and ask yourself, “Did anyone notice?” Perhaps folks at the coffee shop mentioned it to you. Or perhaps the media picked it up. Did you get any calls referencing it? It’s useful to consider what people’s opinions were about it, but it is most important that they noticed it at all!


Did it increase your sphere of influence?

To be influential is to be successful. Whatever your desired audience – customers, donors, clients, members, etc. – your marketing should not only expand your reach but it should increase your ability to inspire action. How has each activity contributed to this?


Did it make you money?

Let’s face it, there are few businesses and organizations where revenue is not a primary concern. Even when we say our goal is to “raise awareness” we hope that awareness comes with a positive cash flow.


After measuring the relative effectiveness of each activity, it is then time to plan for 2011. What will you include? What will you scrap? What was just mediocre and may need a makeover in the New Year? Answer these and then schedule out the next year.


As always, if you need any help with planning your 2011 marketing strategies, give us a call.