Social Media Brand

By now, most people have come to understand certain unspoken social media etiquette and courtesies: If you repost, credit who originally posted the hysterical video of a cat and a can of whipped cream. Don’t break up with your significant other on their wall. And don’t tag compromising photos of your friends without checking with them first.

Let’s take this a step further and talk about strategy. Whether a business, non-profit or individual, deciding on an approach to Facebook and other platform postings will make you popular and desirable, i.e. less likely to be “hidden.” For now, we will work through an exercise to indentify your brand.


Select five keywords for you or your organization. These are words that express your interests, personality, services, career, talents, knowledge, etc. If you are a business, we suggest three of these pertaining to your services/expertise, and two relating to office culture and personality. For instance, here is an example list for an accounting firm:


1)       Taxes

2)       Financial planning

3)       QuickBooks

4)       Kite flying

5)       Homelessness


Combined, these five words identify your social media brand.


Great, you say, what do I do with that? Well, use this as a guidepost for what content you contribute. Post reminders about tax deadlines and important changes in tax codes. Offer financial planning and QuickBooks tips and tricks. Share photos of kite flying. And stay abreast to homelessness issues, fundraisers, etc. and support the cause on Facebook.


There are certain benefits to this. For one, like any other branding, it helps your audience identify you in a crowded forum. They know who you are, and what to expect, but they also will relate to you. “Oh, that’s the accounting firm that likes kites and helps to end homelessness! I never knew kites could be so interesting, and I need QuickBooks training.”


This approach also makes content more manageable. If you put the keywords into Google’s news alerts, you’ll have a host of interesting things to post delivered to your Inbox daily.