Crafting the Perfect Posts? Mental Health Marketing Agency Explains.


If content marketing is the core of your mental health marketing strategy, you should be performing a number of activities, including developing and launching compelling marketing content, using a variety of social media platforms to reach your target audience, updating/enhancing your web content on a regular basis, etc. In that scenario, your blog posts are just one element of your content portfolio. Consequently, you may find yourself writing them somewhat robotically in an effort to meet deadlines. If so, you may not be getting the interest and readership that blogging is capable of generating.

The Formula for Better Blog Posts

In order to optimize the value of the posts that you are putting time and effort into creating, you want to keep certain key attributes in mind, including:

Engaging headline

The human attention span gets shorter every day. You’ve got six or seven seconds max to grab a reader’s attention with your mental health marketing blog posts. If you don’t, they’ll move on to something more interesting. Some studies have shown that headlines in the area of 70 characters and 12 words are optimal.

Eye-catching featured image

The featured image for your post appears at the top. You probably don’t want it to be a literal representation of what’s in the post. In fact, if it takes a reader a fraction of a second to understand the how the image relates to the post, that “epiphany”  is a positive thing that enhances the reader’s experience.

An intro with a hook

There are two goals for the initial sentences of your post. First, you want to make it crystal clear what the post is about. If readers have to go looking for that information, they’re likely to go looking for something else to read! Second, you want to describe the post content in a way that teases your audience and makes them want to read more.

Variety in body copy length

Some experts advocate shorter posts (approximately 350 words), while others recommend longer ones (2,000+). To appeal to both types of readers, it’s a good idea to vary the length of your posts.

Subheads and bullets

If you make it easy for a reader to find what they’re looking for in your post, they’re likely to keep coming back. If instead, you lump 500+ words into, say, three large paragraphs, your readership will plummet.

Solid data. Posts containing facts and figures are very appealing to people. While your topic won’t always be one that involves stats, if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em!

Clear, compelling meta description

Meta descriptions don’t actually appear in a post. They are displayed in search results in order to give potential readers an idea of what they’ll be seeing if they click the link. In the same way that you want a headline to entice the reader, the meta description must do the same.

If You Build a Better Blog Post…

As experienced mental health marketing experts, we know that interesting, easily consumed blog posts are an essential element of an effective content marketing strategy. In fact, that holds true for all the different types of companies and organizations we work with across many industries. If you’ve got inbound marketing goals, our full-service agency can help you meet them. Give us a call!

Fort Collins Marketing Agency Lists Targets You May Be Forgetting



In its simplest form, marketing is about attracting and engaging with your prospects with the goal of converting them to customers. However, if you spend all your time, effort, and capital focused on them, you will miss out on other key groups. And connecting with them is important to your overall success. As an experienced Fort Collins marketing agency, we remind our clients to make contacting these people a part of their marketing plan.

Be Sure You Connect with More than Just Prospects

As you are creating and promoting your compelling marketing content, don’t forget to share it with these groups:

  • Customers. Yes, they already know who you are and what you do. However, you never want to take them for granted for a couple reasons. First, they most likely have a choice of providers. If you don’t show an ongoing desire to keep their business, they may take it elsewhere. Second, they have already indicated they like your product or service by becoming a customer. This makes them prime candidates for buying the new release or addition to your line. Don’t assume they’ve heard about it — be sure they do.
  • Resellers. If you have people outside your sales team who sell your offerings, you want to ensure that they are aware of all new developments. So, let them know about the product releases you put out, marketing content you create, etc. They can’t do their job well if they are operating in the dark.
  • Partners. Just like your resellers, your partners are best able to connect you with business opportunities if they are up to speed on everything that is happening at your company. Be sure they are getting your email communications.
  • Potential resellers and partners. If you want to show potential resellers and partners that you are worth their time and effort, you need to keep them well informed about your offerings. They need to know why they would be wise to work with you.
  • Media outlets, bloggers, etc. No, they probably won’t be buying your products or services, but if they speak favorably about them, some of their followers might. It’s easy to think that reporters and bloggers will hear about happenings at your company through the grapevine. However, they may not. So, it pays to spend a little time ensuring they get the information they would need to write about your offerings.
  • Industry Associations. Once again, your outreach efforts here won’t likely result in an immediate sale. But keeping your company top of mind can help you get clients through recommendations.
  • Your Fort Collins marketing agency. Even if some new development at your company doesn’t warrant engaging with your marketing firm, it’s still a good idea to keep them posted about it.

Seeing the Big Picture

As Fort Collins marketing experts for nearly 20 years, we understand that to be successful you have to take a comprehensive approach to your marketing efforts. Our full-service firm can help you with any aspect of your marketing plan from strategy to content creation to execution and analytics. Contact A-Train today to learn how we can help you reach your objectives.

Music, Mascots, and Marketing: An Introduction to A-Train’s New Hires

Team members

A-Train is proud to announce that we have recently added four new members to our team and we’d love to introduce them to our friends and the community! We asked each of them to answer three questions, their answers really reflect the diverse interests and personalities on our team.


Clayton Shannon – Web Development Specialist

  1. Which band/musical artist, past or present, would you want to tour with?

Besides the early Grateful Dead, I wouldn’t mind touring with a down-tempo electronic artist like Shpongle or Shulman. They travel all over the world, and have a devoted and intellectual fan base.

  1. What would your mascot be if you had one, and why?

I’d have to say that my mascot would be the dancing Snapchat hotdog because he is timeless but also down-to-earth.

  1. What aspect of your new position have you enjoyed most thus far?

I would say that my favorite part of working with A-Train has been seeing ideas go from a vague notion to a massive campaign. There is something special about seeing your work transmitted to so many people.


Brys Scotland – Graphic Designer

  1. Which band/musical artist, past or present, would you want to tour with?

I’d love to go on tour with Brett Eldredge!

  1. What would your mascot be if you had one, and why?

Owl, I’m a night owl. My productivity is at its peak at 2am! Oh and they are my favorite animal.

  1. What aspect of your new position have you enjoyed most thus far?

Seeing my work come to life as I drive around the Northern Colorado area. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in my community, even if it is through design!


Jeff Morrell – Strategic Analyst

  1. Which band/musical artist, past or present, would you want to tour with?

Rival Sons would be awesome to tour with, they are saving rock n roll!

  1. What would your mascot be if you had one, and why?

It would be a Honey Badger because they are tenacious.

  1. What aspect of your new position have you enjoyed most thus far?

I really enjoy the professionalism and passion my co-workers show for every client project.


Allison Dyer Bluemel – Account Manager

  1. Which band/musical artist, past or present, would you want to tour with?

I would want to tour with The Foals or M83.

  1. What would your mascot be if you had one, and why?

Hmmm…mountain goat probably. They’re good at climbing and a little rowdy (both good things to aspire to in my book).

  1. What aspect of your new position have you enjoyed most thus far?

I’ve really enjoyed getting to collaborate with everyone on various projects, particularly messaging and web design jobs. It’s been great to see what everyone excels at and feels passionate about in their daily work.


Not only has A-Train gained an invaluable amount of expertise and industry knowledge, we have also enjoyed adding four stellar new personalities to the mix. We hope you have the opportunity to meet and work with all four of A-Train’s newest team members soon!