Denver Mental Health Marketing Firm Provides 7 Infographic Tips

Infographics are very effective at communicating important information in a way that is clear, concise, and memorable. As experts in mental health marketing, we know that this can be especially important for organizations in this market. But using this more graphics-based form of communication isn’t as easy as it may seem. Simply putting colorful charts, graphs, and images on a page with a small amount of text explanation isn’t going to cut it. There’s an art to creating engaging infographics.


Let’s Get Visual

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are creating infographics — or having them created for you:


  1. Choose one topic. A common error with infographics is trying to say too much. Infographics are most powerful when they address one topic and drive that idea home with images and minimal text. We’ve all seen infographics that require you to scroll multiple times to reach the bottom. They are probably losing many readers along the way.
  2. Create an eye-catching headline. Although the focus with infographics is on the “graphics” part, you still need a strong headline. This helps a reader understand what they’ll get from the piece. And something a little catchy like “Great Things from Good Zzzzzs” is better than a just-the-facts approach like “Health Benefits of Sleep.”
  3. Keep your target audience in mind. Who are you talking to? You should remember that in mental health marketing you probably have two (or more) very different audiences. Be sure to use different imagery and language on a piece directed at mental health practitioners versus one geared toward people who use your services.  
  4. Incorporate accurate, cited data. Infographics tend to be a less formal way to communicate information. That doesn’t mean you can be any less diligent in your research. It’s important to do your homework and note your sources.
  5. Follow key design principles. Your infographics — just like your website, your brochures, and other marketing materials — should be well designed. This includes things like using matched font families, a visually appealing color scheme, etc.
  6. Lead the viewer. Even infographics with the right amount of content can be a little overwhelming if the reader doesn’t know how to “move” through the piece. Therefore, you should use appropriate visual cues to guide them from beginning to end.
  7. Promote the piece as appropriate. It happens all too often. An organization puts tremendous effort into creating an infographic only to have it gather digital dust. Consequently, you should do all you can to get the piece in front of your target audience repeatedly and in multiple ways.

The Psychology of Color – as seen in A-Train’s Gray Matter Magazine

A Denver Leader in Visual Marketing

If you’re looking to take your mental health marketing to a new level, powerful infographics can be a key component of your strategy. As a leading Denver-area marketing firm for nearly two decades, we know what it takes to get your services noticed. Give us a call to learn more.  

Are You Staying Ahead of the Digital Evolution?

Two years ago we released an article called Digital Download: A Guide To Online Marketing to go over what digital marketing is and how SEO, Paid Search & how various forms of online advertising are beneficial to your business. In the last two years, not only has online advertising become more complex, but it has become more vital to the success of your business and the avenues in which it can be utilized are nearly endless.

AnalyticsBut which direction is best for you?

A great piece of advice we like to give is that anyone can spend a lot of money on the wrong thing. This is never truer than in digital advertising. This is why we believe it is best for you to use a professional agency that knows what to track, what channel works best for your company, and has the experience needed to take your advertising campaign to success. We know that your industry isn’t just about leads and conversions and that is why it is important to work with a full-service agency that can match your goals in a fashion that is most cost-effective online for you.

Why Digital Advertising Works

Have you ever ran an advertising campaign that was a ‘set it and forget it’ model and got a general report but you weren’t able to make adjustments or respond to feedback? We know that is frustrating and that is why we believe that digital advertising is so effective.

Possibly the greatest differentiators in online advertising versus traditional mediums are the ability to segment endlessly, respond immediately to any shifts you see in audience interaction, and to see reactive qualitative data to your advertising campaign. These features provide incredible benefits when compared to traditional advertising mediums and allow you to reach the people you want in the way that is the most effective for your advertising dollars.

Our agency prides itself on the ability to have cohesive campaigns that are consistent across multiple advertising channels and convey the same message to the audience you want to reach. Digital advertising delivers your message in the most cost efficient manner and allows you to contextualize your messaging specifically to the audience you want to reach. Demographic advantages in digital advertising benefit you in your ability to be successful and measure what is the most successful for your time and money.


What has Changed in the Past Two Years

We all know technology changes rapidly and that is true with online advertising as well. Attention spans have decreased and decision moments have become more immediate to the initial interaction with an advertisement. The root of this is the ability for consumers to contextualize their media experience and the ability for end users to consume media on a device at their convenience. The days of media consumption on your television or on the home desktop computer are long gone. Companies that continue to focus on advertising channels that are out-of-context will be left behind. According to Nielsen, we’ve learned a lot about how people interact with their devices and how they consume media.

For example, while watching TV & using a tablet:

  • 66% of users surfed the web
  • 44% of users shopped
  • 29% of users checked sports scores
  • 41% of users looked up info for a celebrity
  • 23% of users emailed or sent a text about what they were watching
  • 18% of users read comments about what they were watching online
  • 14% bought a product or service being advertised
  • 12% participated in a live vote or wrote a comment online
  • 17% watched a clip because of something they read on social media

While watching TV & using a mobile phone:

  • 49% of users surfed the web
  • 24% of users shopped
  • 27% of users checked sports scores
  • 29% of users looked up info for a celebrity
  • 29% of users emailed or sent a text about what they were watching
  • 12% of users read comments about what they were watching online
  • 7% bought a product or service being advertised
  • 9% participated in a live vote or wrote a comment online
  • 10% watched a clip because of something read on social media

*Nielsen Digital Consumer Report

As you can see, messaging across multiple consumption channels requires an expert agency assisting you to deliver consistent messaging in the right places at the right time.

How We’ve Grown

Over the past two years, we have grown as a company in various different manners. We’ve increased the amount of full-time staff and we’ve expanded our digital department to better service our clients who are shifting towards a greater online focus. Something we are really proud of is that we became a Google Partner in 2017. We have Google Adwords certified employees on staff and we have been recognized by Google in our ability to professionally manage online advertising campaigns using their platform.

Being a full-service agency is important to us because we want to be able to facilitate any request a client may have, but it is important to you because we want you to have the trust in working with us for all of your advertising needs.

Denver Marketing Firms


The Creators

Let’s face it: whether working alone or with a team, the strains of daily work life require us all to channel the superhero within. At A-Train Marketing, we are proud to have assembled our amazing team of CREATORS with unique abilities that allow us to cohesively provide winning solutions for those that need us. Not only are we on a mission


but we’re also here to bring the collective strength of our team to organizations that are ready to propel their success and reach a higher level.


He’s faster than a speeding A-Train – when it comes to figuring things out and getting them done, that is. MasterMind can balance more moving parts per minute than a quartz timepiece, all while remaining focused on solutions over tasks.



A master persuader, she is testament to the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword. Plumiera uses the skill of thoughtful communication and inspiration to help anyone she meets move ideas into action.


Captain CSV

How can a business keep up when faced with too much information and too little time to sift through it all? Beyond that, what if there is nobody to make sure it all adds up? We all need the magician that makes sure all the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed.



Acts not only defensively, he also writes the cleanest code possible in an effort to prevent evil doers from their wave of corruption. FireWall’s positively offensive capabilities also include preemptively shooting fire to stop attackers before they edge near his secret code.


Captain Kerning

When great design is compromised, the world suffers from unattractiveness, blandness, or worse – mediocrity. Captain Kerning stays on the battle lines of innovation and aesthetic to ensure useful, unobtrusive, honest design that maintains integrity and order in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


Mad Maximizer

Only one person understands the balance between relationships and results. The r2 principle (relationships + results = perfection) is what Mad Maximizer is always fighting for.


Haala H. Ipsum

Bringing words to life is an art, and nobody knows that more than Haala H. Ipsum. The grace of well-crafted speech is one thing, but the impact of the visual word can stop people in their tracks.


Social Sylphina

With her Brobdingnagian thumb to raise the ever-present 21st-century question, “to like or not to like,” Social Sylphina keeps the conversation going by encouraging what is new, fresh, and exciting in the ever-evolving dimension of social chatter.



While reveling in the ability to balance darkness and light, Spectrum absorbs negative energy and brings color into the world to magnify the beauty of life. By manipulating the energies of color fields, she commands the magic of her crystal prism to absorb ineffective designs and transform them into stellar works of marketing magic.


Boogie Boy

With an unparalleled ability to dance from task to task with the speed and power to stop time, Boogie Boy uses levity and critical thinking to find crucial solutions in the heat of the moment.


For more information about The CREATORS, along with our newest recruits, you can request a copy of our 2017 Valentine Edition by emailing us at, [email protected]

A-Train Grows with 2 New Hires

Nic and Brittany

2017 has already been an exciting year for A-Train Marketing Communications. The agency has added 2 new members to their team; Brittany LeBlanc and Nicholas Morse. Both of the new hires bring unique skill sets and value to the different functions of A-Train’s fully integrated marketing.

The first hiring was their Office Manager, Brittany LeBlanc. She brings valuable experience in project coordination and office administration from previous professional endeavors, allowing her to fit effortlessly into her role at A-Train. In her role as Office Manager, LeBlanc assists with day-to-day office administration, acts as the first point of contact for the organization, creates process-driven solutions, and assists with invoicing.

After hiring LeBlanc as the new Office Manager, A-Train welcomed Nicholas Morse as their Digital Media & Analytics Specialist. Morse provides a deeper level of knowledge and application regarding digital marketing, particularly in PPC & SEO, with nearly 10 years of experience in the digital world. The hire also meshes well with A-Train’s commitment to the Fort Collins community. Morse recently exemplified his own commitment to the community during his 2016 campaign to represent Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. In his role at A-Train, he will provide digital advertising, advanced tracking, PPC & SEO optimization, and other digital services to help A-Train’s clients maximize value and return on investment.

Both of these additions will add immense value for A-Train Marketing’s clients.

With an Office Manager added to the team, we can continue to be organized with forward-moving progression. The addition of a Digital Media and Analytics Specialist will broaden the agency’s capabilities to meet client’s digital marketing needs and will allow for a more in-depth look at the performance of their digital campaigns. Overall, these acquisitions will enhance the client experience and increase the amount of ways A-Train can present client brands to their target markets.

National Proofreading Day

Can you find all 24 mistakes?

Today is National Proofreading Day, AKA a grammer buff’s super bowl. Proofreading is so important regardless of the industy you workin. In the industry of marketing and advertising, diligent, proofreading can prevent errors that could end up costing your Agency big time. Impleminting a careful, efficient error-checking process is one of the most best things an agency could do too combat misteaks. At A-Train we have a through proofing system that re-choirs a minimum of two proofreaders to go over every peace of content we produce for our clients. As part of or process, we use a comprehensive proofing form that guides the proofreader through all of the diffrent criteria that they need to review. Our processes a low us to catch mistakes that could had slipped threw the cracks had we not diligently inspected the material four errors. Having clean, mistake-free material can shave your agency from losing money, damageing you’re reputation with the client, and wasting time… So dont forget to proofread your next document!


Correct Paragraph

Today is National Proofreading Day, AKA a grammar buff’s Super Bowl. Proofreading is so important regardless of the industry you work in. In the industry of marketing and advertising, diligent proofreading can prevent errors that could end up costing your agency big time. Implementing a careful, efficient error-checking process is one of the best things an agency could do to combat mistakes. At A-Train we have a thorough proofing system that requires a minimum of two proofreaders to go over every piece of content we produce for our clients. As part of our process, we use a comprehensive proofing form that guides the proofreader through all of the different criteria that they need to review. Our processes allow us to catch mistakes that could have slipped through the cracks had we not diligently inspected the material for errors. Having clean, mistake-free material can save your agency from losing money, damaging your reputation with the client, and wasting time… So don’t forget to proofread your next document!

A-Train Welcomes Digital Media & Analytics Specialist, Nic Morse

Nic Morse

A-Train Marketing is proud to announce the recent employment of Nicholas Morse as Digital Media & Analytics Specialist.

Morse will bring extensive professional experience in digital marketing, advanced tracking and analytics to help A-Train’s clients maximize value and return on investment.

Originally from Pensacola, FL, Morse relocated to Fort Collins 10 years ago to attend school at Colorado State. Upon earning his bachelors degree, he returned to school to earn his MBA and chose to concentrate his studies in digital marketing. Having worked as a PPC & SEO specialist for a portfolio of global clients, Morse then chose to expand his professional credentials through Google AdWords Certification.

In 2016, he campaigned for a seat in the House of Representatives, to Colorado’s 2nd congressional district. During his political campaign, he was able to earn more votes through his digital marketing efforts than any Republican candidate in the district’s history. The political campaign developed Morse’s strength and acumen for understanding marketing, publicity, promotion, and investing in the community. Hiring Morse made sense for A-Train because both parties place great importance on their commitment to the community.

When asked about working for A-Train Morse said the following, “I am thrilled to join A-Train because their values align well with my own. The value that best represents me is what A-Train refers to as ‘drive not ride’ because I have always been someone who pushes for progress and gets the work done”.

Outside of work, he embodies “drive not ride” in a more literal sense. He has a love for sim racing, where he competes in online racing simulations against other racers around the world. In his free time, he also plays on a competitive rugby team in Fort Collins. But his most impressive skill may very well be his ability to eat a whole package of Oreos in one sitting… That is 36 cookies!

With the addition of Morse, A-Train will be offering a full spectrum of digital marketing and SEO services to meet every need and budget.

A-Train Welcomes New Office Manager, Brittany Leblanc


In December, A-Train welcomed a promising new talent, Brittany LeBlanc.

Hired as the Office Manager, she brings an exciting energy to the office, as well as an eagerness to help out wherever possible.

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Brittany is a true Colorado native. With a love for her hometown, she pursued a degree in Communication Studies at Colorado State University. During her time at CSU, she refined her project coordination skills as an intern at a local non-profit that served as an incubator for musicians. In addition to her internship, she wore many hats as an administrative assistant at a local chemical engineering company, developing a varied skill set that makes her a valuable asset to A-Train.

In her new role, Brittany assists with day-to-day office administration, acts as the first point of contact for the organization as she greets visitors, creates process-driven solutions, and assists with invoicing.

Aside from having an impressive skillset, Brittany is a great cultural fit for our growing team. While comprised of dynamic personalities with different strengths and outlooks, this team is committed to a core set of values that guides our work and allows us to continually deliver excellence to our clients. Exemplifying our philosophy to “never settle,” Brittany stated,

“Everything I produce is my best effort. My work is something that I want to be proud of…something that I can confidently stand behind. I’d say the same about my approach to life.”

Brittany prides herself most on being a first-generation college graduate and having the ability to hurdle any obstacles in the way of her goals and aspirations.

Outside of the office, Brittany loves to see live music. She also enjoys exploring new flavors from the local food trucks. The nice thing about Fort Collins? She can often do those two things in tandem! In addition, she has a love for creating and making art. She’s especially interested painting and drawing.

“A-Train is excited to have Brittany on board, and we look forward to the unique perspectives and insights she brings to the table,” said Matt Sattler, Director of Operations.

Nic’s clumsiest moment…

Nic's ATOT

That was a close call!

Meet Nicholas, our Digital Media and Analytics Specialist. Lucky for him, he managed to not break anything on his first day with us! When asked about his clumsiest moment, he had just the answer we were looking for.

‘The clumsiest thing I think I have ever done was at my first job in high school. I was starting at this deli down the street from where I lived and on my first day I was picking up some ceramic doppio cups and I dropped them on the floor and they all shattered into a ton of pieces. I had been on the job maybe an hour and I destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of ceramic cups on my first day. Wasn’t my proudest moment and I thought I was going to get fired on my first day. Luckily for me, I just had to work in the dish room for six months and then they let me interact with customers and handle merchandise again.’

Meet Brittany and her dinner party guest list


Do we get an invite?

Brittany is the newest team member to A-Train Marketing! To give her a proper introduction, we thought it best to ask her who she would bring to a dinner party of a lifetime. We give her 2 thumbs up!

‘Like any natural born host, I know the most important part of a dinner party is the guest list. For my dinner party of a lifetime, I would be sure to invite my celebrity idol/crush Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he would bring a lot of interesting conversation topics to the table. Which is good because as every good host knows there is nothing worse than an awkward silence. Out of all of the presidents that have been in office Barack Obama is by far my top pick to have at dinner because he would not ruin a good time with talking politics all night long. Plus he would probably bring Michelle! Lastly, my historical figure choice would have to be Frida Kahlo because she is one of my favorite artists and she would bring an incomparable diversity to the table.’

8 Holiday Marketing Ideas

This time of year is a great time to reflect on things you are thankful for and to express gratitude to those around you. In honor of expressing gratitude, we would like to thank YOU for your loyalty, friendship, and for allowing us to take hold of your marketing reigns and do what we do best.

With Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, we wanted to share a few festive and easy ways to share appreciation with clients, employees, and customers.


1. Holiday Message

Send an email to thank your customers for being wonderful clients throughout the year! Be sure to express your gratitude to your loyal and long lasting clients.

2. Create an Infographic

Provide fun, visual tips that will benefit your audience relating to all the things you are thankful for in your business or life.

3. Gifts for your favorite clients

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Take it one step further and remove your branding. Just focus on the simple act of giving a nice gift.

4. Host a gratitude event

It may seem obvious to host a holiday party, but when you do it in the name of gratitude, it is truly a labor of love. Party anyone? Face to face gratitude is wonderful! Host an event and bring your clients in to thank them personally for their loyalty. Everyone loves free food and drinks, right?

5. Create and share a video

Videos are all the rave. You could spend time creating a video with a positive message to your followers, or you could explore the Facebook Live option.

6. Run a contest

Create a theme and blast your social media with it. For example, host a food drive and see how much food you can collect. Or simply ask for and collect the gratitude of others and share the list once it is populated.

7. Share Visual Content

Post photos each day of what your company is thankful for or excited about. Visual content is easy on the eyes and a great way to gain extra likes.

8. Sprinkle kindness around like it’s glitter!

Be kind! Be an example. Complete a random act of kindness and love everyone around you. It’s the least we can all do to make the world a better place.


We hope that you can use one of these options to help spread thankfulness, gratitude, and cheer over the holiday season. In the meantime, grab some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and snuggle up with the holiday season.


A-Train Marketing